Driving My Thoughts Around


Reminder of promise

Rushing over the windshield, rain, like thoughts, clouded my vision. Wipers erased the rain like thought-change relieves suffering pouring over my soul. As I started to hydroplane, a part of me lurched, as if I too, were slipping until corrected and realigned. Accelerated speed enhanced the downpour and the upkeep of the wipers cleared my sight.

Entranced in the beauty of the golden road, almost blinded by the reflection of the sun, my soul was captivated. Relieved; the rain was done. My thoughts were enlightened.

Embracing the sweet smell of fresh air only rain can provide. Cleansed and shining in a light of distinction between washout and wet. Every dust particle removed in newness and shine.

Do you ever wonder how your thoughts can take you down a most destructive path? Choice! Choose to turn your wipers on or remain driving with a clouded vision. Wipers provide clarity like truth provides light. Sometimes our wipers need adjusting to the downpour of rain like choice needs adjusting to the downpour of thoughts. Adjust your speed according to the conditions. And choose to use your wipers so when the rain that floods your view is cleared, clarity ensues and provides insight to the true you.  May your true colors shine like a rainbow in all its delight!


2 thoughts on “Driving My Thoughts Around

    • Thank you Ardis and also for your words of encouragement. I am most-moved today by your blog you wrote about getting stuck on blogging….I need to file that blog you published!

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