Shoes Falling

Love Ann Voskamp!

Love Ann Voskamp!

“It’s time to go!” I called out to my daughter as she swiftly collected all she needed for school. Crash! Off the track goes the shoe rack.  Shoes falling off the shelf she struggles to balance and grasp both shoes.  “Slow down,” I suggest as she makes her way outside slinging her backpack across her back and bending over to retrieve her shoe. “If you slow down, you won’t get hurt and you can make your way with ease.” Those words left me contemplating my own actions as the front door closed.

Trepidation consumed me and I wrestled with the thought that lead me to a place of silence and solace.  Grounded, it was then, that I could see how shoes falling reflected the pace in which we live.  As “mom in chief” mode, I bowed my head for clarity.  Love, joy and peace covered my heart and each task before me I vowed would be covered in that reality.  So easily the choice can be made.

Like shoes falling off the shelf so too can my attitude.  Creating an environment that nurtures peace, love and joy is not something you are going to obtain without help.  Guidance for our children requires steadfast truths. Learning first yourself then leading by example.  What kind of leader are you following?  Do you emulate your leader’s example?  Keep your shoes on the shelf!

Walking in the shoes of a leader has many challenges.  Stand up to the challenge and learn new ways of leading those who are looking up to you for guidance.  Give them room to walk and guide them so the shoes stay on the shelf.

Have fun parenting today!

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