Hey Little One – To my sister, with love.

Sun's reflection on the sea while seagulls embrace the surf.

A poem about God’s love for His precious children.

Hey, little one, it’s okay to cry, I’m sensitive to you, and your weary precious mind. For days gone by release, and today embrace the love, to tether all your heart, to your greatest triumph yet. No longer slave to sin, and mercy flows around, protecting once again, your precious soul within. Now never do you part, to let your heart have fear, no longer in your angst, for love is always here. Now go in peace to serve, as once again you know, the hold I have on you, for your dearest day is near. Behold, of my commands, and keep them in your heart, to place my love in you, and to share with all of you. No sin can harm you now, for you have the right to know, that every where you go, we never ever part. I’ll hold your hand for now, and always and forever, be close to me I pray, that you choose when I deliver. Go forth in love and joy. Replenish all you need, to grow in love to nurture, and know you’ll always win, in the race I have you in. You know the gate is narrow, I’ve told you long ago, so take my hand, I’ll guide you, in the love you want to know. ~Susan Husa

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