Die to Sin

When I heard those words, I didn’t know what that meant. Searched for days reading my Bible to understand what my place was in this turmoil of my heart. Months later, I am with the utmost reverence to Christ, thankful for His truth revealed to me providing more clarity.

Day complete

Like the sun going down to complete the day, my heart is complete in the words spoken to me today. Die to sin means, TRUST CHRIST! That is where I remain at peace. In all my desire to be a peaceful spirit, I can only trust Christ to console me and guide me. It is then, I feel complete.

Lean into Christ with all your anguish. He is the one that you need to cling to when you feel so distraught about the pain in your heart that appears once again. The evil one, your ego will try and define you. Come to know this truth. Be love, allow for others to express their love! Being centered in that love allows you to be in whatever circumstances, surrendered and remaining in your own uniqueness. With others wherever you are, you can genuinely remain connected to your inner power. Wherever you are, you can share your love and excitement for the sake of honoring your God-given gifts and it begins right where you are. Abhor evil and cling to Christ!

Holy Spirit lives in you and will guide you and fulfill you. Our struggles refine us and transform us into the character of Christ. Seek His Truth to come to know the very core of who you are. Love.

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