Empowered and Directed

What we’ve learned needs to be applied to what we attempt. ~Susan Husa

When we are consciously aware of how we are being empowered and directed; what we do, according to our values, will determine significant outcomes.

Agony – you know what I’m talking about. The feeling that something we are striving to do, whether making sense of something, physically trying to accomplish something, or honoring our soul. Examine how each of these honor our mind, body and soul. What are you made up of?

When I started out with the word agony, it seemed so loud. Well, it is! Think about how every day there is something that causes you agony. However you define agony or a feeling similar in that way, what you are feeling is a struggle. Stop yourself and get in tune with that! What is driving you to feel such a way?

At one time or another I have read, “Do something hard every day.” Hmm, “Okay!” “Wait, did I just agree with that!?” “Don’t I already do something hard every day without even trying!?” Perhaps everything I read should be examined on whether or not I want to do that! “Did the author of those words mean that somehow that was going to help me?” I know I have since taken those words to be helpful in that if I am going to learn something new, the effort I make to accomplish it will seem hard.

By now you have probably played out many scenarios in your mind that you’ve experienced hardship. What ever came out of that for you? Did you improve something for yourself, or someone else. or did it cause destruction for you or others? Either case, what did you learn, and how will you apply that lesson to accomplish something else, or avoid that lesson to destruct once again? Hardship will promote something, and when you pay attention to how it affects your soul, notice how it affects your whole being.

What are you doing to honor your soul? To express your joyful self? Have you given in to activities, distractions or other’s ideals that lead you astray? Perhaps you’ve stopped honoring the core of who you are in an effort to support or get sucked in to the ideas of those around you. Take some time for yourself to identify the areas of your life that are not quite right for you, and start creating pathways to explore those new ideas. Move in the direction that stimulates your core desires and notice the joy that consumes you.

God works in mysterious ways to get our full attention on Him. When you consciously be aware of Him leading and guiding you, you will unravel all the hurts, habits and hang-ups and start living the way in which he intended for you in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Empowered and Directed

    • Great hearing from you Cara! Isn’t it true! Yes, what I love is knowing that if He places something on our hearts, he gives us all we need to see it through. Tethered to Christ we no longer have to feel like we are hanging in there. We come to learn that we are secure. The security becomes like a habit in our lives. We are and He is. There is this harmony that becomes of us.

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